The House of Loop is Feeling Icky

John, Rolly, and I are all sick. Is this possible? I mean what are the odds a dog would get sick at the same time as his humans? I'm an insomniac and yesterday I slept for 13 hours. John fell asleep right after work yesterday and is still in bed so he is rounding out at about 15 so far, but I bet he'll go for 17. I blame myself because I was just saying we made it the whole winter without even a cold. Today we are heading to urgent care to get s strep test. :-(
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Jennifer @lifecraftsandwhatever said...

Boooo, dislike! Hope you guys all start feeling better.

Dianna said...

OH NO! feel better soon! At least (if you can say 'at least' and then follow with this) you know you're sick and that's why you have a sore throat and you don't have to worry about the deviated septum any more!