Which TLC Family Bothers You More?

I'm not sure why it's still called TLC because I'm not learning anything besides I'm glad I don't have 15 kids or more and that I'm grateful for my husband. So who bothers you more- The Duggars or the Sister Wives?

The guy's name is Jim-Bob with a hyphen. That is all. 

Ok, where to begin. I think the guy's hair sums it all up for me. Why would you do that?

This may a be shocker, but the Duggars bother me more. I can't explain it, but they do. Jim-Bob makes me want to scream feminist rants in his face. I think what sent me over the edge was when he discussed how his wife was basically a harlot because he wasn't her first kiss. Gee I can't imagine how she couldn't hold out for a stud like you with your rock hard ken doll hair.

Yes the Sister Wives are ridiculous and pretty much every woman in America is saying WTF when they watch this show. But Kody is such a walking hot mess I can't take my eyes off of him. I can't believe this guy can get one woman let alone four. If I had a relative marry this man the least of my problems would be the polygamy thing. I mean she is getting 1/5 of a giant douche. If you're gonna be stuck with a giant feminine hygiene product for a husband you might as well get to keep him all to yourself. 

Who bugs you more?

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Bethany said...

I don't watch either of them but I've seen ads and read articles and based on all that I'd say the Duggars would bother me more, because 1. Jim-Bob. and 2. Get out of bed already!! sister Wives would probably make me laugh at the crazy.

Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

haha this cracked me up. preach it. i really want to watch sister wives, i've never seen it but commercials seem very drama filled.


Mel said...

This is sooo funny!

Definitely the Duggars bother me more. They're too sugary sweet perfect; I'm just waiting on the dirt to expose itself.

I'm such a cynical biatch!

Jodi said...

I don't watch either but Sister Wives - ugh! I can't believe TLC is making a show about this. Ugh!

Kate said...

SISTER WIVES, definitely. The Duggars remind me of so many Catholic families in my area: sex for procreation and that's all. (Read: my inlaws' families!) I mean, they are strange but ahh whatever.

The Sister Wives though...the whole idea creeps me out. I mean having a schedule of when my husband will be in my bed?!? WEIRD.

Neither family is ideal, that's for sure. And both main men need hair advice...What Not to Wear should fix that!

The Loops said...

Excellent point! Maybe bad hair = weirdo husband

The Creative Chickadee said...

I was visiting and scanning over your labels of posts and I said, "surely that one doesn't say polygamy." Hahahaha. Yep it sure does. So I clicked out of curiosity. I thought, hmmm, pillow, wall saying what could it be this polygamy?

I will say Kody is a hot mess and I too can't believe!!! all four of these women put up with him. I mean really you choose this life? Gag. No thanks. I ain't sharin my man with nobody. ;D All though I will never have 19 kids and counting nor do I desire it I enjoy the Duggers more. I may not agree with everything, but more power to ya and your 19 kiddos. I wish I was that calm with the 2 I have. And I wish I had that kitchen. Kody and his harem need that house.
Anyways, funny post.