The Meg Look is Back!

I have a really hard time finding clothes. The fact that no piece of clothing has ever been made to fit a real person is the least of my problems. I feel like I have a very specific look. I really know what I like and it makes it tough. If I don't love something I won't wear it. It literally will effect my whole day if I am wearing something I don't love. I can't help it. Thanksfully, I finally found a few things that scream Meg to me!

What are some of your favorite things that make you dread the day they wear out?

These lovely items are all from NY and Company using this great coupon:

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Jenn Miyamoto said...

I had a pair of rocketdog sneakers that I wore several days a week (during the winter it was almost every day of the week). I had them for 6 years...I finally had to get rid of them because there were holes in the heel part that was making them uncomfortable. It was a sad day!
PS: I love the first look!

The Loops said...

I had a pair of privo's like that. They only lasted about 3 years. No holes, but it was like walking barefoot on concrete. That was a sad sad day. I just bought a pair of Keen's to try and replace them so we will see how it goes.

Amy said...

Girl, I am the same exact way!! And since I've had a's even tougher to find things to fit those few extra pounds! ;-) The stuff you picked out is really cute though!! I'm headed to check out NY&Co right now!