Things You Should Never Give Your Dog

Here are a bunch of items you should never give your dog. Some may surprise you.

1. Chocolate- You probably already know this one. They really should never have caffeine in general.
2. Raisins & Grapes- This can be tough since it is a popular kid snack
3. Onions & Garlic- Make sure not to give your dog a taste of your cooking
4. RAWHIDE- This is all over pet stores, but it is terrible for dogs. They can't digest it properly and it just sits in their stomachs. Rawhide = Belly Ache
5. Avocado- No Guac for Fido
6. Toads! No I didn't think you would give your dog a frog, but make sure they don't pic it up on your walk.
7. Mushrooms- Not totally sure your dog would want this, but you never know.
8. Macadamia Nuts
9. Any type of cooked bone. These are much more likely to crack and choke your puppy.
10. Baby foods- can contain onion powder or other seasonings that can dehydrate your pup.
11. Cat Food- They LOVE it, but it's too fatty and high in protein for them.
12. Fat Trimmings from Meat- This can give them issues with their pancreas.
13. Dairy Products- Young dogs can handle dairy better than adults, but it's best to just avoid it.
14. Raw fish and eggs- Dogs can get salmonella and can cause coat and fur problems.
15. Poinsettias and Easter Lilies.
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Katie @ EyeSpyDIY said...

Wow, didn't know about the dairy products. I have never given it to my dog, but good to know for the future!